Jozian Ltd was founded in 2011 in response to the East African famine.

About Our Focus

Our company focus is on protection issues – both human and data related. We like our deliverables to reflect the Sustainable Development Goals of  Open Standards, Open Source, Open Data, Open Innovation and Open Licenses and have as a core focus Privacy,  Security and Accessibility. 

About Our Process

We do this whilst also designing for the hardest to reach users and challenging poor infrastructure contexts, with an agile and highly collaborative approach and experience working under pressure with the ability to produce outstanding outcomes under tight deadlines.

About Our Logo

Since ancient times, the leaf has been a symbol of the cycle of birth and death in nature. The leaves fall and die in autumn, but the tree is still alive, and in Spring the leaves are reborn. This cycle shows that there is always hope. Thus, the leaf is seen as a symbol of growth, prosperity and good news.