Gender Based Violence in Bangladesh

Close to a million Rohingya people have fled violence in Myanmar to seek refuge across the border in Bangladesh. This unprecedented number of refugees, of whom more than half are children, has caused a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

An August 2018 study estimated that more than 24,000 Rohingya were killed by the Myanmar military and local Buddhists since the “clearance operations” started on 25 August 2017. It also estimated that at least 18,000 Rohingya Muslim women and girls were raped, 116,000 Rohingya were beaten, and 36,000 Rohingya were thrown into fire.

Against this background Jozian Ltd were asked by the United Nations Population Fund to provide dedicated technical support for GBV service providers’ documenting incidents of violence. This plays an important role in achieving one of UNFPA transformative results: zero Gender Based Violence.

It will also allow the collection of quality, disaggregated, gender- sensitive data on the nature and scope of GBV and on the availability and accessibility of services to inform GBV programming, policy and advocacy.