Microsoft Education Delivery

Recently acquired by a Microsoft Partner.

We built the education delivery tool using cutting edge tools like React and Redux and the application itself carries high-quality educational material to mobile phones via mobile networks, making access to education possible for anyone, anytime. We designed, built and supported this software globally.

Microsoft Education Delivery

Teachers display the media files to class by connecting the phone to a TV or a projector. Through Microsoft Education Delivery, free multimedia files can be integrated in the broader curriculum, making education even more relevant to youth. The delivered file content provide support for teachers to prepare their lessons. Since file transfer is free, families can get involved in and benefit from education.

UNESCO currently use this software on an ICT project for professional development of public school teachers in remote areas of Pakistan. Probably the largest implementation is in the Philippines with the Ayala Foundation’s Text2Teach (T2T) program, which aims to provide technology-based facility for public schools and engage teachers, school heads, parents and community leaders, to improve students’ performance and increase their retention rates. For the past 10 years, the program has already reached 1,493 Public Elementary Schools and has made an impact to the lives of 315,162 students nationwide.

Tools: React / Redux / React-Router / WinJS / Windows 10 UAP